PTSD-driven suicide is what’s killing our Veterans. We provide prevention and postvention help.


We gift up to $1,000 per family. We give at the time of need
and we offer to negotiate with their funeral providers for the most respectful rate.


We offer Transcendental Mediation Scholarships to help find DIY peace of mind any time anywhere.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and Vietnam Veterans with PTSD Kill Themselves 22/Day


Limit the Financial Scar of Veteran Suicide With Time-of-Need Counseling and Crisis Funding

Limit the Emotional Scar with Mental Health Services
for the Survivors


We Are A Volunteer-Based Organization

Your Gift of Any Size Goes Right to a Family

once a soldier charity

You have made my struggles with losing Cedrick bearable. I have gone to therapy, church groups, bereavement classes and take meds, but nothing has helped as much as OAS.

Helen Taylor, Cedrick’s Mom

VA Benefits: Too Little-Too Late

  • less than $2,000 months later
  • a plot
  • an in-ground marker
  • a short ceremony

VA Benefits Do Not Cover:

  • bio hazard clean-up costs
  • body transport costs
  • funeral home costs

Veteran Families Left To Go It Alone?
Not On Our Watch!

Your generous donations go to pay or repay each family up to $1,000 for expenses directly linked to funeral costs. As funeral practices are often unkind to our families, loans and credit card debt is incurred before any services are rendered. Many have no life insurance. Our goal is to be there during the funeral process and battle for the familes. Saving them money while lifting the burden of this stressful time is also made possible by your donationss.

Give today – whatever you can – because they have sacrificed enough!

Average Funeral Home Bill

Cost to Fly a Body Home

Average VA Death Benefit

I would like to thank you for all that you do.  I am truly thankful for your dedication to knowing the problem and trying to make others aware of the tragedy soldiers & their families endure. It has really, really been a hard road.  I wish every day that Cedrick was here and I was the one God called. So sad. 

Helen Taylor

Mother of Cedrick Taylor

This is a great resource for families that are faced with the hardships that come with veteran soldier suicide. 

Kevin Johns

Father of Jerod Johns

Meet Our Families




They come from all over the USA and we invite you to meet these brave families.