We stand with the family
after a veteran suicide.


VA death benefits - if any -
leave a big hole for the families.


This is the only emotional and financial
support system they have.

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The only thing worse than soldier suicide is being a family member left behind to deal with the aftermath.

22 suicides a day. That’s 22 families.

To make matters worse, 14 of the 22 suicides are veterans not getting VA benefits.* These vets were financially and emotionally distressed.***  And now without any VA support or money, their families are, too.

Our Mission: Ease their financial burden after a veteran suicide.

Military families serve – just like the soldier – by constantly moving, deployment separation, and the risk. This final, sad sacrifice drives us to raise awareness and offer financial aid to those left behind.

Twenty-Two Soldiers Commit Suicide Every Day *

22 Soldiers Commit Suicide Many suffer from more than just PTSD. Active duty soldier suicides are covered by government-issued life insurance policy up to $400,000.**  Most older vets aren’t as prepared.

Despite their good intentions, the Veterans Administration support and services fall short. Their families are left with broken hearts and huge financial burdens that aren’t of their making.**** Your donation is their silver lining. Please give today. 

The average funeral costs $10,000 and up. VA death benefits range from $600 – $2,000. Unfortunately, most veterans who commit soldier suicides have fallen through the cracks so that even these minimal benefits aren’t available to them. With your help, we will fill that gap.

Your small gift sends

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We are a new kind of nonprofit, one built for maximum giving.

We are 100% digital, with zero overhead, so your gift goes a long way to support the families directly.

Your Purchase or Donation Provides these Services:

Funeral Costs

Most veteran suicides are caused by influences far from the battlefield of service. Most were living in hard times and these costs are overwhelming to their survivors. They often have unfinished business that needs taken care of.


Memorial Page

Having a place to memorialize their family members is sometimes the best comfort we can give. Maybe it helps with the grieving process and allows some light to shine in their time of darkness. We’d like that very much.


We are currently spending $6,ooo/month in Google ads to get suicide related information into the hands of those in need. The survivors need our help and we want people to be aware of them.


We are building a national database of the soldiers and their families impacted by soldier suicide. By connecting the families and survivors, we can help in ways that money, time and awareness just can’t.




Soldier Suicide is Really Veteran Suicide

Of the 20.6 suicides every day, 16.8 were veterans and 3.8 were active-duty servicemembers, guardsmen and reservists. - VA report of 06/2018

Thank you.