Rewarding Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Sponsorship With a Digital Bonus

More than a banner at the 5K, our sponsorships come with Google text ads that land you on the first page. We spend up to $10,000 per month to showcase our partnership in communities that matter to you.

Cause Marketing turns your corporate social responsibility into meaningful community action. Our Case for Support visual guide walks you through the financial crisis veteran families face.

As Recipients of the Google Grant, This Affords Us $120,000./Annually to Tell Your Audience About Our Relationship


We value our sponsors and understand how important you are in getting good things done in your communities.


We use our Google grant to showcase our relationship. Our ads are typically on page one, above the fold.


Event sponsors can be assured that our $10,000/mo Adwords budget will help to make it a smashing success.

Sponsorship Options to Benefit Veteran Families

Includes thousands of Google impressions using your business-specific keywords, audience demographics and services.

Sponsors Frequently Asked Questions

How does Once a Soldier find the families to help?

We use a combination of information supplied by the Veterans Administration, our own research, and being contacted by the families themselves. We anticipate a backlog of waiting families in need.

How exactly do you help the families?

We offer families the option to tell us what they need most first. When we verify their situation, our first option is a financial solution to their most pressing problems. Our mission is to offer aid and comfort, so we want to be flexible to what will do them the most good in their individual circumstance. 

How can my organization write off 100% of our support?

Having a deep background in helping other non profits marketing, we provide those kind-hearted supporters by offering an advertising option with Once a Soldier. We will co-advertise with some of our Google Adwords grant and co-brand with you on our other social media outlets. 

Why do you sell merchandise?

Our experience has shown that giving something back to every donor is a great way to thank them and grow the mission. We will continue to find ways to make it more efficient so more of our revenue can get into the hands of the veteran suicide families.

How often do you send financial help to the victims' family?

Our plan is to send aid and comfort once a month to start. Our revenue growth will dictate how that will grow on contract, but if our projections bear out, we will double that in the second year. Our business plan and marketing help will be leveraged to make as many “silver lining” calls as possible. Your gift is a great way to help.

Big Fun Foto Booth

BFF Booth is donating their booth, backdrop and a volunteer attendant to make this party LOL fun.

About them:

Your guest will have big fun when we’re invited. Cool props, instant texting, prints and great memories.




Giving us a premium CRM service for free and up to five users, this is a much needed resource and we thank them for it.

About them:

OnePage enables team members to easily communicate and share information about donors, donations and contacts. Users will become more productive and organized as a result and ultimately achieve more.

Sponsor a Family

Jamie Brunette

Your donation can go to one of our most recent families in need or to one of your choosing.Click here for more.