“Your organization has helped me in so many ways. Before I knew about Once A Soldier all I did was cry. I thought I was alone in my everyday suffering. I thought no one cared and that no one would ever know Cedrick. I have some peace in knowing that you have the strength to help families and keep our soldier’s memories alive.”

Veteran Suicide Tears Veteran Families Apart

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I am truly thankful for your dedication to knowing the problem and trying to make others aware of the tragedy soldiers & their families endure. 

Helen Taylor

Mother of Cedrick Taylor, who died in Florida after the VA switched his trusted psychologist. He was dead one week later from a PTSD suicide. His family had to borrow money just to fly his body home to Connecticut, and then find more money to pay the funeral home.

This is a great resource for families that are faced with the hardships that come with veteran soldier suicide. 

Kevin Johns

Father of Jerod Johns, who killed himself on 9/11 in South Carolina. His twin brother found him and a video saying "this was best for everyone." Kevin had to take a $5,000 loan for the funeral home BEFORE he could see his dead soldier.

Robert was funny and a fun person. He had a beautiful smile that I can’t forget and it breaks my heart that I won’t be able to see it again. He was a  patriot, hero, a man of focus, commitment, sacrifice, a loving father and very supportive husband. He was a good servant of God.

Issi Zaza

Wife of LTC Robert N. Zaza, who killed himself in their New Mexico home on March 19, 2019.

Veteran Still Not Buried Needs Help Today

Michael G. Forsting

Chad M. Forsting, father of 4, committed suicide 10 months ago. He served in Afghanistan.
They are $600 away from what they need to finally put the veteran to rest.

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