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More Than Money

The families hearts will always be broken, but your giving refills it.


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Donations in honor of the Taylor Family

Helen Taylor’s son, Cedrick, enlisted right after 9/11. He succumbed to PTSD in 2016. Your gift will be delivered to them in January 2019.

Donations in honor of the Johns Family

Jared wasn’t the same after he came home from Afghanistan. PTSD took his life on 9/11/18. Your gift today will be sent to his family in February, 2019.

Donate Here for All Families

Our giving plan for 2018-19 is to send $1,000 to one family every month. Your gift will let them know you care. Thank you.

Our Facebook group “Veteran Families of Soldier Suicide” needs your input. Please join the group and share. You are not alone.




Soldier Suicide is Really Veteran Suicide

Of the 20.6 suicides every day, 16.8 were veterans. 3.8 were active-duty service members,
guardsmen and reservists. - VA report from June 2018

Thank you.