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Veteran-related entities approach us from time to time with worthwhile information that we feel the need to share. We try to vet all sources, and if they are here, we feel they are qualified. We do not endorse any group outside of placing their content here and please be careful with anyone who does not seem to have your best interests at heart.

Suicide Hotline

Thinking about suicide? Talk to someone about it. 800-273-8255

Or text “help me” to the Crisis Text Line at 741741


Suicide Crisis Plan Development

If you are a certified professional and want to learn about developing a crisis response plan for suicide, visit

Star Behaviroal Health Providers

Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) is a resource for veterans, service members and their families to locate behavioral health professionals with specialized training in understanding and treating military service members and their families. Those listed in this registry have completed a series of trainings that are intended to make them better able to understand, assess and counsel members of the military. SBHP began in Indiana and is now offered in multiple states with more to come.

Assisted Living Benefits for Veterans

There are two basic ways for eligible veterans to receive assistance: obtain an assisted living benefit from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) or apply for residency in a veteran’s home.

This guide from contains information about the benefit programs available from the VA. Read on to learn whether you are eligible, how to apply, and what programs are available in your state.


How to Use Social Media Patterns to Identify Veterans At Risk for Suicide

Click here to view and download the PDF.

Excerpt from Bob Woodruff Foundation: 

A 2018 Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) report indicated

suicides by those veterans who have not received treatment from the VA have increased at a higher rate than those veterans who have received VA treatment. VA users even had a slower increase in suicides than civilians, which suggests that VA services and treatment may prevent suicide among veterans.

Although military and veteran suicide is a matter of great concern, it is important to note that suicides have been rising among U.S. civilians as well. Suicide is therefore an important public health issue for everyone.

Death Benefits Guide from

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