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Continuing our “Silver Lining” theme that is the core of why we do what we do, we are excited to announce that our Memorial page for soldier suicides will be called the Silver Lining Project.

We aspire to create an archive of uplifting memories of loved ones lost to soldier suicide and PTSD, and to build a community of those who’ve lost their loved ones in this way.

Please use the comment box below to submit your memorials. Include anything you’d like to about the life and times of your loved ones. Once a Soldier staff will review all content and make it available for viewing.

If you’d like to include photographs, please send them to Please also let us know if you’d like to make your email address known so others can contact you.

Proudly Presented Memorials for Your Loved Ones

Cedrick A. Taylor’s Silver Lining Memories

Cedrick was a big sports fan. Baseball was his favorite sport (Yankees all the way). He   also played baseball for several years. He would play for his school team, eat and     change in the car, then we would go onto his second game. Two games a night on   several occasions.

Cedrick was also a very caring and loving brother. As a kid he always took care of his younger brother AJ and sister Jackie. Jackie and Ceddy looked exactly alike. Both had same face and green eyes. She has a problem looking in a mirror now – all she sees is her brother. They were extremely close. He made us all laugh, was so funny, quick witted, and full of energy. We went to every fort where he was stationed, except Korea and Iraq. His wife did travel to Korea and stayed a few months. As you can see, his smile was warm and loving.

Cedrick also loved music. My husband is a drummer and Cedrick was his best friend. They often would go to concerts in CT, Georgia & Florida. They traveled to California together to hear different bands and meet band members. He told us it was some of his happiest memories, traveling with his father. You would always find him with an iPod or some type of music. His first correspondence from Iraq, he asked for a CD player & some “old school” music. When he came home he sat behind his father’s drums and they had a ball. Oh, and fishing. He fished since he was a little boy. As he grew, he and his father would fish anywhere, anytime. Small streams ( in Connecticut and Fort Stewart with the gators) to renting deep sea fishing boats in Georgia, the mountains of Arkansas with his uncle & aunt. We all went to Tybee Island and the Florida Keys with Cedrick as our guide. He brought us everywhere. Great family man.

My son was extremely proud to be a soldier and so, so proud of his uniform. He respected his peers and made lifelong friends. They still call us and come to visit if in the area. My husband is also a member of the email group w/ his friends and normally they don’t allow civilians. But they all wanted him to be a part of Cedrick’s group.

Cedrick had one child, Leah, now 13 years old. She lives in Hinesville, GA. She was his heart for sure. He taught her how to swim as soon as she walked. She now is an avid swimmer and loves the water. She & her dad did everything together. They fished, played sports, etc… She now runs (like her dad), plays softball (like her dad) and is a fishing maniac. When he got divorced she lived with her mother during the school year & her dad all summer. They traveled, fished, etc…They came to Connecticut every year for the past four years for the summer. He took her everywhere ice skating at an indoor rink, hitting & playing baseball, running in the park, going to amusement parks, and museums, etc. He will be missed.

Jared Johns’ Silver Lining Memories

From Kathy, Jared’s Mom:

This seems like an almost impossible task to even do as the mother of a fallen soldier. I say that because PTSD is what took my son so I don’t look at it as a suicide. My sweet Jared was as passionate about a lot of things in his life. He was passionate about music and singing in the choir at church and being in the chorus and drama club in high school. As passionate as he was about those two things he was just as passionate about football and playing softball.

Jared was a well-rounded person before joining the Army. He had his head on straight and he was very focused. It was never the same when he came back from Germany and Afghanistan. He was never my sweet Jared again. After he had his sons though, it helped him tremendously  to start becoming that same compassionate person that he once was and it appeared that he was winning the battle with PTSD.

The very last night that he was over here at my house and I had cooked dinner for everyone, we sat in my living room and I was holding Kylan, Jared’s nephew,  which was my newest grand baby. I began to rock him and sing an old hymn entitled “He Leadeth Me”. Well Jared began to sing along with me, as well as his sister, his twin brother, and my husband and we all sang the entire song together sitting in my living room. It would be the very last time we would ever be together as a family with Jared alive. I will forever cherish that moment because little did I know that it would be my very last time singing with my sweet Jared. I could go on and on about my son, but there isn’t a lot more to say that I can focus on because he was just a sweet compassionate, loving soul that loved his country, and loved his family but he was fighting a dark battle from serving this country that in the end took his life.
I shared the link to a video of when he surprised me by coming home. It says a lot about who he was and how very much he was loved. And will be missed.


Click here to see the video that’s gone viral with over 3.5 million views of Jared surprising his mom.

From his father Kevin:

As a boy, Jared was an avid baseball player who also enjoyed playing the drums. His real passion was singing. Our whole family is musically talented, so it came natural. One of the highlights of his senior year in high school was being able to bring his mother on stage with him to sing the song,  “It is well with my soul”. He loved watching  football and was a fan of the Clemson Tigers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. One of my last conversations with Jared was about the Bucs’ victory over the Saints. He has a twin brother, Jacob, who shares his love of football and the Buccaneers. (Just not the Tigers!). Jared and Jacob were roommates and unfortunately, Jacob found his brother on that sad day.

One of my happiest memories of Jared was recently, in Mid- August of 2018, three weeks before his suicide. We went to the NASCAR Xfinity Series Mid Ohio Challenge in Lexington, Ohio.  Every year we go there to my brother Gator’s house, to meet my other brother, Steve (SC), and my uncle Ray (Orlando) to have a guys weekend. The race is practically in my brother’s backyard. So close, that we drive his two John Deere Gators and a golf cart to the
track. There were about 50 family and friends that tailgate together on the inside of turn #6. At one point during the race, me and Jared were so close to the cars as we stood next to the fence that you could feel the wind in our face as they raced by. I remember Jared turning to me and saying, “Dad, this is so awesome.”
The most important thing in Jared’s life was his sons, Jaxon and Liam (Germany). Liam was born in Vilseck after he left the army in October 2015. Jared visited him in May of 2018. Liam bonded with him instantly! For two weeks, he got to make up two years of time with his 1st boy. Which is evident, by the hundreds of pictures and videos he shared on his facebook page. Jaxon was born in April 2017 and lived with Jared. He took his 1st steps just six months ago. Jared liked to dress him up in matching jerseys on game day. Until I see him again, I will make sure Jaxon wears his colors every Saturday and Sunday!

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