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Guess the Number of Birdies and Get Your Chance to Win $10,000.

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The PGA Tour’s PLAYERS Championship is a charity’s best friend, with over $9 million raised in 2018. Now, we can get our share of that pie. Please go to this link and make your donation, pick Once a Soldier and take a guess. Guessing is now thru March 13th, 2019. Thank you.

This link takes you to THE PLAYERS site.


A minimum of $20 gets you in the game. One donation – one guess, but there’s no limit to the number of donations you can make.


The average number of birdies per round is 15o or so, but the changes drastically with the course, the weather and more.


Win $10,000 with your guess. Winners will be notified by The PLAYERS representatives.

Helpful Hints and Past Winning Numbers

If a day is rained out, here’s what the PGA adds on to the total to make it 4 days total:

First Round – 400
Second Round – 400
Third Round – 200
Final Round – 200

One recent round at another tournament totaled 154 birdies, but every course and event is different.

The tie-breaker is guessing how many balls will be hit in the water on hole #17. 

We Ease the Burial Costs for Veteran Families of Soldier Suicide

Your Gift Matters. We Can Get Bonus Money For Every Guess Made.

I would like to thank you for all that you do.  I am truly thankful for your dedication to knowing the problem and trying to make others aware of the tragedy soldiers and their families endure.

Helen Taylor

Mother of Cedrick Taylor

This is a great resource for families that are faced with the hardships that come with veteran soldier suicide. 

Kevin Johns

Father of Jerod Johns

Silver Linings


Your donation helps veteran families pay off loans for their soldier's funeral.

The VA can't help. We can. Be the silver lining in their cloud of darkness.

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